Mechanical Engineering

An introduction toanalysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance.

Our Department

Mechanical engineering department was started in the year 2013 with an intake of 40 students. Since then the mission of our department has been to produce competent and disciplined mechanical engineers. The exponential growth of technology demands for multi-disciplinary competency from conventional engineers and thus we are committed to cater to the needs of industries, business and community by developing socially committed multi-dimensional mechanical engineers with innovative thinking , managerial skill to manufacture quality products for the betterment of mankind. Presently the department offers 3 year Diploma in Mechanical Engineering courses with 60 seats under the State Government aided course, 180 seats under self-supporting scheme(Regular and Shift).
Apart from providing world class technical education and training using well equipped laboratories and competent trainers, the department is also conducting value added continuing education programs on special machining technique, total qualities management, mechatronics, robotics, CNC programming, Metrology and measurement techniques etc. The department as a center of excellence in technical education produces globally competent human resources. We are also committed to the uplifter of the rural under privileged as it was dream by our founder Shri B.Rajagopal by imparting skill development programs under CDTP scheme and PMKVY Programmes.


The Vision of Mechanical Department is to produce the value based technician suitable to be employed by Industries.


  • To Educate the students in the basics and advances of Mechanical engineering (M1)
  • Imparting quality education to the students and enhancing their skills to make them globally competitive mechanical engineers. (M2)
  • To offer accessible quality training, research innovation and produce technicians to suit needs of dynamic world. (M3)
  • Maintaining vital facilities to provide its students with opportunities to create, interpret and apply knowledge to the need of society. (M4)

      • To manufacture new devices for the benefit of society.
      • To pursue higher studies for their career growth.
      • To participate as a effective member in any group to solve the major problems of industry / society.


      • Apply the knowledge acquired in the curriculum to solve the problems arising in the area of Mechanical Engineering.
      • Apply the knowledge acquired in the curriculum to conduct the experiments and to provide sustainable solutions in the area of Mechanical Engineering.


      Certification refers to the confirmation of certain characteristics of an object, person, or organization. This confirmation is often, but not always, provided by some form of external review, education, assessment, or audit. Accreditation is a specific organization's process of certification.

      • Knowledge development
      • Skill development
      • Improve discipline
      • Prove the power of study

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Duration 3 YEAR
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Sem 3 Sem 4 Sem 5 Sem 6
32031 Preview
Strength of Materials
32032 Preview
Manufacturing Processes
32052 Preview
Thermal and Automobile Engineering
32061 Preview
Industrial Engineering and Management
32043 Preview
Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power
32041 Preview
Heat Power Engineering
32042 Preview
Special Machines
32062 Preview
Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
32073 Preview
Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Conservation
32044 Preview
Electrical Drives & Control
32071 Elective Preview
Total Quality Management
32042 Preview
Special Machines
32052 Preview
Thermal and Automobile Engineering
32051 Preview
Design of Machine Elements
32052 Elective Preview
Thermal and Automobile Engineering
32082 Preview
32083 Preview
Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
32064 Preview
Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Practical
32055 Preview
Process Automation Practical
32033 Preview
Machine Drawing
32034 Preview
Computer Applications and CAD Practical
32056 Preview
Thermal and Automobile Engineering Practical
32056 Preview
Thermal and Automobile Engineering Practical
32045 Preview
Strength of Materials and Fluid Mechanics Practical
32036 Preview
Lathe and Drilling Practical
32046 Preview
Special Machines Practice
32085 Preview
Robotics Practical
32045 Preview
Strength of Materials and Fluid Mechanics Practical
32065 Preview
Machine Tool Testing and Maintenance Practical
30002 Preview
Life and Employability Skills Practical **
32086 Preview
Refrigeration and Airconditioning Practical
32034 Preview
Computer Applications and CAD Practical
32047 Preview
Electrical Drives & Control Practical
32067 Preview
Project Work
  • Mechanical department has the following Laboratory facility .

    Lathe Shop

    Lathe Section has various types of lathes such as All Geared Lathe, Turret Lathe, Capstan Lathe, Cone Pulley Lathe. Training is given to the students in a professional manner so as to get more practical knowledge.

    Special Machines Lab

    Our department has a well equipped Machine Shop with excellent production machineries like Planning Machine, Shaping Machine, Slotting Machine, Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Surface Grinding Machine, Tool and Cutter Grinder, Universal Milling. Machine and Radial Drilling Machine.

    Work Shop Practice Lab

    Work Shop Practice Lab has three divisions exercise such as Foundry, Welding and Smithy

    Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab

    Our Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery lab is well equipped with Bernoulli’s Theorem Verification Apparatus, Orifice Meter Apparatus, Venturi Meter Apparatus, Orifice and Mouth Piece Apparatus, Pipe Friction Apparatus, Centrifugal Pump, Reciprocating Pump, Jet Pump Test Rig, Pelton Wheel, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Kit.

    Metrology & Machine Tool Maintenance

    Our department has well equipped Metrology Lab to make the various measurements. Modern types of instruments are introduced to improve the knowledge of the students. The following metrology equipments are available: Vernier Height Gauge, Digital Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, Depth Gauge, Digital Micrometer, Sine Bar, Bevel Protractor, Slip Gauges, Mechanical Comparator and Pneumatic Comparator etc.

    Mechanics of Materials Lab

    Mechanics of Material lab is well equipped with Universal Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Hardness Testing Machine, Spring Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine and Shear Testing Machine.

    CAD/CAM & CNC Centre

    Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing Lab have more than 50 numbers of systems for designing the machine component and simulating the programs for our requirement. Practice on CAD commands for 3D drawings, practiced on Solid Rendering, produce parts in CNC Lathe and Milling Machine.

  • Mechanical Department Activities


    In related to the academic every semester the students are visiting to various industries to develop their knowledge and to learn about the Industrial process what they are doing in their Industries. This will help them in getting job opportunities at industries.


    In order to become familiar with workshop processes, and the safe use thereof, you are required to undertake workshop training in the use of industries and design parameters. The Department offers workshop by dedicated training facility.


    To increase the student skills in professionalism, teamwork, setting goals & objectives, time management, community knowledge, and personal exploration. Many seminar and activities have been conducted on regular basis which will motivate the students to achieve the goal in life. The following programs have been conducted.


    Career guidance for students in the schools is an important program to guide the students in an appropriate direction. The Students in rural communities who progress to Higher Education are given suitable direction in choosing the best career options. It exposure to the various universities and the courses offered in those universities and also the employment opportunities available after completing the particular courses.

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