Industry Interaction Cell (IIC)

Industry Interaction Cell (IIC)

An active Industry Interaction Cell (IIC) has been functioning in the College. The function of the Cell is to promote closer interaction between the academic field and the professional field. The purpose of the cell is to find out the gap between need of the industry and end product of the institute. Industrial exposure of Faculty is very much helpful to guide students about latest industrial practices. Industries are able to know recent developments and inventions in their fields and implement projects for technologically driven economy.

    The Functions of Industry Interaction Cell include

  • 1. To give industrial exposure to Faculty members and students, thus enabpng them to tune their knowledge to cope with the industrial culture.

  • 2. To assist the Departments in organizing workshops, conferences and symposia with joint participation of the industries.

  • 3. Encouraging Engineers from industries to visit institution to depver lectures.

  • 4. Participation of experts from industries, in curriculum development.

  • 5. To organize industrial visits for Faculty members and students.

  • 6. To encourage Faculty members to use their expertise in solving the problems faced by the industries, thus creating opportunity for consultancy.

  • 7. Industrial testing by Faculty and technician at site, or in laboratory.

  • 8. To organize in-plant training for the students.

  • 9. To identify the areas for executive development programmes in the areas of recent technological advances.

  • 10. To assist the Departments in estabpshing rapport with industries for taking up mini projects and projects.

  • 11. To assist the Training and Placement Division.

  • 12. Visiting faculty from industries.